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Dining and Course/Range Dress Code

Note** This dress code is only intended for our members and does not apply to weddings or outside events in our banquet space or Smith Wedding and Events Garden.




Golf Attire: The purpose of a dress code at Shadow Hills is to ensure appropriate golf attire is worn by members, guests and staff. The following guidelines are intended to assist members and staff in understanding what appropriate golf attire means, and how it applies to all members, age 13 and up:


Golf Course and Practice Facility

  • Shirts are to have collars and sleeves, unless contemporary mock turtle neck.

  • Sleeveless shirts may be worn by women provided they have full back panels and broad shoulder panels.

  • Shirts are encouraged to be tucked in, unless tailored for outside wear (example: Hawaiian or have even sewn hemline at hips that leaves pockets exposed).

  • Caps and visors will have bills forward.

  • Shadow Hills Country Club is a soft spikes facility only, metal spikes are not allowed.

  • Shorts/Skorts/Skirts and similar attire must be approved golf attire as sold in golf shops and must be in good taste.   

  • Clean and neat denim may be worn only between November 1 and March 31


Club House Lounge, Dining Room and Patio

  • Golf course attire is acceptable anytime.

  • Clean and neat denim is allowed anytime.

The staff of Shadow Hills reserves the right to deny members or guests access to the course, lounge or dining room, if they are dressed inappropriately or disrespectfully.
It is incumbent upon the members to inform their guests of these guidelines


Golf spectators shall adhere to the golfer's dress code.  Exceptions may be made for special golf events.

It is incumbent upon the members to inform their guests of these guidelines.

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