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Meet Our Board of Directors

Shadow Hills Committees

We have five outstanding committees at Shadow Hills Country Club. They are the House/Social Committee, Finance Committee, Greens Committee, Membership Committee, Golf Committee. 

We appreciate our committees and all the work that they do to enhance ourclub. 

House/Social Committee 
Run by Executive Committee 
Consult with the General Manager on a periodic basis, or as needed, on maintenance plans for the Clubhouse, pro shop and swimming pool.

  • Insure the timely preparation of an annual calendar of proposed golf and social events to be presented to the Board for approval.

  • Plan social events and holiday parties for club members and their guests.

  • Decorate the Clubhouse for holidays.

  • Evaluate the condition of the facilities and recommend actions to be taken. 

Finance Committee 
Brittany Kaiser, Chair 
The finance committee meets once a month prior to the monthly Board Meeting. The duties and activities of the finance committee include:

  • Analyze each monthly financial statement and provide a summary for the Board.

  • Advise the Board on all financial matters pertaining to the Club.

  • Determine the accounting and auditing services required by the Club and recommend them to the Board.

  • Insure the timely preparation and review of an annual budget for presentation to the Board at its regular December meeting. 

Green Committee 
Bob Holloway, Chair 
The Greens Committee has the responsibility and the privilege of maintaining and nurturing the golf course property. Given the long-term nature of this process and the basic knowledge needed to be effective, members are requested to make more than an annual commitment to the committee. The Committee meets once a month during March through October and during the winter as necessary.

Among the issues the green committee addresses through regular meetings with the General Manager and Golf Course Superintendent are the following:

  • Develop long-range plans for the golf course including identifying components that need improvement.

  • Establish and monitor seasonal and monthly maintenance plans and procedure.

  • Physical changes to the golf course, particularly those that affect the course playability.

  • Consider suggestions and resolve complaints from Club members regarding the playing condition of the course.

  • Alignment of Club member’s course expectations with the available resources for the maintenance program.

Membership Committee
Penny Sykes, Chair 
The Membership Committee meets once a month.

  • The Membership Committee gives guidance in gaining new members and maintaining appropriate membership levels.

  • They are focused on member satisfaction and member retention. 

Golf Committee 
Barry Bokn, Chair 

  • Give consultation on the operation of the Pro Shop, especially with respect to: Services provided for members, enforcement of rules on the golf course, playing fees and charges for guests, and considerations affecting speed of play.

  • Establish guidelines and rules governing the keeping and use of private power golf carts and recommend needed changes to the Board.

  • Review and if needed suggest changes to the golf course rules to govern play.

  • Supervise golf handicap procedures and records used to establish handicaps for members of the Club.

  • Receive and discuss member input regarding all aspects of club-sponsored tournaments, and consult with tournament chairpersons and/or the Board regarding any changes proposed by the Committee.

Handicap Committee: 
Addie Vandehey and Linda Robertson
Steve Mason and Ahren Spilker 
Ron Crasilneck

  • Responsible for all aspects of the USGA Handicap System.

  • Are obligated and committed to ensure the integrity of each Handicap Index we issue.

  • Because we are compelled by our license with the OGA / USGA, we will provide education, as well as uphold the rules of the Handicap System.

Long Range Planning Commitee
Chair- Phil Burns

  • Set Long Term Goals for Club Facilities Improvements


Tom Morgan - President


Marilyn France- Secretary


Barry Bokn - Past  President


Rich Bernhardt - Director


Chris Looney- Vice President


Phil Burns - Director


Cheyenne Burbank - Director


Matt Prehm- Director


Amy Newport - Director

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