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Course Hole - by - Hole Descriptions


#1 - Par 4
A nice starting hole, Hole 1 is a straight away par 4 of moderate length. Avoid the reachable fairway bunkers on the right and trees all the way down the left. 

The green is protected by three bunkers, and it is best to avoid the bunker on the front right.

#2 - Par 4
Sharp dog leg left around large fir trees, big hitters may take it over the corner leaving just a wedge to the green. For most players a good tee shot short of the fairway bunker on the right will leave 150 yards to the middle of the green.

The green is well bunkered and slopes from back to front.

#3 - Par 4
Straight away par 4 with fairway bunkers on the left and right and out of bounds all the way down the left side. Difficult driving hole but a good drive leaves just a middle to short iron into a green that has bunkers on three sides. 

The second shot plays slightly up hill and is about half a club longer than its yardage.

#4 - Par 3
One of our signature holes at Shadow Hills Country Club. A challenging par 3 with water on the right and a pot bunker in the front left. 

A shot hit to the right rarely clears the water because the water extends much farther than it appears to from the tee.

#5 - Par 5
Dog leg left par 5 with out of bounds all the way down the left and trees lining the right. 

The bunker on the right side of the fairway is reachable from the tee and must be avoided to give you a chance to reach the green in two.

If you are laying up on the second shot, avoid the fairway bunker about 120 yards from the green on the left.

#6 - Par 4
A tree lined par 4 with a series of fairway bunkers down the left side. 

The fairway is partially hidden off the tee by a cross grass bunker. Green is well bunkered and slopes 
severely from back to front.

#7 - Par 4
Long challenging dog leg right par 4. Keep your tee shot down the right side to avoid being blocked out on your second shot by the trees that come into play on the left.

The second shot is a good half club longer than its yardage to this small difficult green.

#8 - Par 3
A par 3 that seems to always play into the wind. The bunker on the front right is a difficult place to make par from. The green has very subtle slopes and is difficult to read correctly. Par is always a good score on hole number 8.

#9 - Par 5
Hole #9 is a dog leg right par 5 with water down the right side. The bunker on the left side of the fairway is reachable from the tee and must be avoided to give you a chance to reach the green in two. 

If you chose to lay up on your second shot be sure to avoid the water that runs down the right side to within 100 yards of the green. This finishing hole on the inward half gives you a great opportunity for a birdie.


#10 - Par 4
Dogleg right par 4 around a stand of old growth trees. Big hitters that can carry the corner will be rewarded with a short second shot to the green. 

The conservative approach is to place your tee shot just left of center and short of the fairway bunker. This will leave you anywhere from 160 yards to 130 yards to the green.

#11 - Par 4
Even though this is a relatively short par 4, it's made difficult by water all the way down the right side and trees and fairway bunkers down the left.

A straight tee shot is a must to give yourself a chance to make your approach to this challenging green.

#12 - Par 3
Beautiful par 3 over water to the largest green on the golf course. Choosing the correct club is a must to clear the water while avoiding bunkers both left and right. 

The front half of this green is severely sloped making front pin placements very interesting.

#13 - Par 4
A long dogleg left par 4 around a large ash tree that guards the left side of the fairway. A tee shot placed right of the tree in the fairway will leave most golfers between 170 and 150 yards to the green.

The second shot is slightly up hill and plays longer than its yardage.

#14 - Par 4
This is rated the hardest par 4 on the golf course and it isn't because of its length. Difficult tee shot with trees left and right and two fairway bunkers down the right. 

This is the most challenging green on the golf course because it is severely sloped towards the pond that protects the front of the green. Leaving your approach shot hole high is a difficult task.

#15 - Par 5
Gradual dogleg right par 5 which makes it imperative to favor the left side of the fairway. Going down the right looks inviting but the gradual nature of the dogleg doesn't allow you to drive it past the corner.

Avoid the fairway bunkers on the left off the tee and you may have a go for this par 5 in two.

#16 - Par 3
This signature par 3 is much harder than its rating with water coming into play short and right of the green. 

Late in your round an accurate approach shot is required to avoid the water and bunkers protecting the green leaving you an opportunity for birdie.

#17 - Par 4
This dramatic sharp dogleg right par 4 has all sorts of visual distractions. Trees guard the right side of the fairway while water comes into play left if you hit your tee shot through the dogleg. 

You must hit your tee shot far enough to avoid being blocked off by the dogleg but not too far because of the lake that wraps around the entire left side. This sloping green is well protected by bunkers front and back.

#18 - Par 5
Nice finishing par 5 that gives you a great opportunity to end your round with a birdie. This dogleg right is protected by two strategically placed fairway bunkers on the right. 

Avoid the bunkers and the trees on the right and you may have a good chance to reach this finishing hole in two. 

The green is well protected by bunkers but the front has been left open giving you an opportunity to run your approach shot up on the green.

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